About us

MASPOWER is a German multinational corporation that specializes in automation management, electrical product, electrical measurement tools and produces Solar systems for energy management. It is headquartered in Dueren, Germany.
MASPOWER develops technologies and solutions to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. The Group invests in R&D in order to sustain innovation and differentiation, with a strong commitment to sustainable development.
From 1988 to today, Maspower has transformed itself into the specialist in energy management, MASPOWER has become today the solution provider that will help you make the most of your energy.
As the trusted partner for the development and extension of an efficient and reliable power infrastructure, the Energy Management Division provides utility companies and industries with the portfolio that meets their needs. This includes facilities and systems for the low-voltage and distribution power grid level, smart grid and energy automation solutions, power supply for industrial plants, and high-voltage transmission systems, solar systems and measurement tools.