Input voltage: 3Phase 380V
Adaptable Motor:
3Phase 380V 0.75kW-400kW 1hp-450hp
Control Mode: Vector Control(SVC,FVC),V/f
Start Torque: 0.5Hz 150%(SVC);0Hz 180%(FVC)


Max. frequency 

Vector control: 0~300 Hz;  V/F control: 0~3200 Hz

Carrier frequency

0.5~16 kHz

Input frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01 Hz;     

Analog setting: max. frequency x 0.025%

Control mode

Sensorless vector control (SVC);  Flux vector control (FVC);  Voltage/Frequency (V/F) control

Startup torque

0.5Hz/150% (SVC);  0Hz/180% (FVC)               


Speed range

1100 SVC

11000 FVC

Speed stability precision



Torque control precision


Overload capacity

60s for 150% rated current, 3s for 180%


Torque boost

Fixed boost;  Customized boost 0.1%~30.0%

V/F Curve

Straight-line V/F curve

Multi-point V/F curve

N-power V/F curve (1.2-power, 1.4-power, 1.6-power, 1.8-power, square)

V/F Separation

Complete separation;   Half separation

Ramp mode

Straight-line ramp;   S-curve rampFour kinds of acceleration/deceleration time with the range of 0.0~6500.0s


Running commandSource

Operation panel; Control terminals; Serial communication port

Frequency source

Total 10 types, such as digital Setting; analog voltage setting; analog current setting; pulse setting and serial communication port setting

Auxiliary frequencySource

Total 10 types. It can implement fine tuning of auxiliary frequency and frequency synthesis.

Input terminal

 Standard: 5 digital input (DI)

1 supports up to 100 kHz high-speed pulse input; 2 analog input(AI); 1 only supports 0~10V voltage input; 1 supports 0~10V voltage input or 4~20mA current input.

Expanding capacity: 5 DI

1 AI supports -10~10V voltage input and also supports PT100\PT1000

Output terminal


1 high-speed pulse output (open-collector) that supports 0–100 kHz square wave signal output; 1 digital output(DO); 1 relay output; 1 analog output(AO) that supports 0~20mA current output or 0~10 V voltage output

Expanding capacity:

1 DO; 1 relay output; 1 AO supports 0~2mA current output or 0~10 V voltage output

Display &



LED display

It displays the parameters.

Key locking and function selection

It can lock the keys partially or completely and define the function range of some keys so as to prevent mistake operation.

Protection mode

Motor short-circuit detection at power-on, input/output phase loss protection, over current protection, overvoltage protection


Installation location

 Indoor, free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas,combustible gas, oil smoke, vapour, drip or salt.


Lower than 1000 m

Ambient temperature



Less than 95%RH, without condensing


Less than 5.9 m/s2 (0.6 g)

Storage temperature


Instantaneous power stop

When the power supply instantaneous stop, the load can feedback energy to compensates the voltage reduction, ensure the LV VFD can continuous operation for a short time.

Virtual I/O

Five groups of virtual DI/Do can realize simple logic control.

Timing control

Setting time range: 0.0min.~ 6500.0min.

Multi-motor switchover

Four motors can be switched over via four groups of motor parameters.

Multiple communicationprotocols

It supports 3 types communication via RS-485, Profibus-DP, CAN.

Motor overheatprotection

The optional I/O extension card enables AI3 to receive the motor temperature sensor input.

Multiple encoder types

It supports various encoders such as differential encoder, open-collector encoder, resolver and UVW encoder.

Overvoltage / Over current stall control

The current and voltage are limited automatically during the running process so as to avoid frequent tripping due to overvoltage/overcurrent.

Rapid current limit

It helps to avoid frequent over current faults of the AC drive.

Torque limit and control

It can limit the torque automatically and prevent frequent over current tripping during the running process. Torque control can be implemented in the FVC mode.